Wednesday, September 2, 2009

First Day of School

No tears. No clingy uncertainty. No stubborn refusals to cooperate. Just a great courageous beginning to the first day of the first year of Ethan's schooling!

Meanwhile, Abby and Jadon had a lot to do -- bike riding, bouquet-gathering, cookie-making, book-reading, phone-talking little adventurers that they are!

We were so busy that I almost forgot to pick Ethan up from school! We did get there on time and were greeted by our crowned prince with a big smile. His words: "Mom, I wasn't even scared."


Helen said...

Felicitations, M. Ethan! J'espere que l'ecole continue a amusez-vous bien!

(Sorry for the so-so french, everyone! A little rusty!)


Anonymous said...

What a handsome bunch! I am always amazed at how Ethan and Abby look so "old" to me....ahhh...
Thanks for the great stories and pictures. Love the cheetah dress :-)