Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Three Days for Hoping

We have been told that we may receive word on the results of Abu's sputum test this Friday. It is possible that we will not hear for a few days after that, but Friday is the earliest that we might have news. Of course, Friday really can't come fast enough! These past two months have been exciting and full in many ways, but they have also been plagued with this nagging sense of heartbreak...even of injustice.
A friend wrote powerfully about the particular scenario in which our family (and a few other international adoptive families) find ourselves:
Imagine, if you will, that your child travels without you to a foreign country,
contracts a disease and then is not permitted back. Horrifying, isn't
it? It is like the government is holding your child prisoner, separate
from you, with an undetermined timeline for when he might be permitted back
based on various treatments, tests, and the performance of doctors and hospitals
you don't know and have no control over. You're going to have to imagine
it, because--for your American-born children--it will not happen. But we
are living it.
We pray not only that the "undetermined timeline" for bringing Abu home will be eliminated with the upcoming test results, but also that policies will be changed in order to abolish such unnecessary delays for future adoptive families. If you would like to be informed and proactive about these concerns, please read this article and sign this petition. And, if you really just want to help me survive through the waiting, random acts of free domestic service and any form of chocolate goodies would certainly be welcomed!


Helen said...

ABU, too!

The Marascos

p.s. wish we could send you some chocolate before Friday!

anxiously hopeful said...

I wish I was close enough to come over with a big batch of gooey brownies. Perhaps I'll just have to make some and eat them myself in honor of you! We're praying for you guys.

Andrea said...

As always, The Tappers are in The Logue's prayers.

Looking forward to great news!