Tuesday, August 30, 2011

First Day of School 2011-2012

One would think that, after several other "first days," a mother would be less inclined to nervousness at the end of summer. Yet, this morning, I found myself more anxious than ever before.

Perhaps it was because we have had such a challenge of a summer, working through lots of emotional challenges as certain family members come to a point of familial security and have begun expressing more...

Perhaps it was because I know that one of our boys finds academic settings to be as comfortable as making a seat out of a stegosaurus' back; there were last year's tears....

Perhaps it was because I actually had the wrong day marked on the calendar for the first day of school and only heard Monday night (and double-checked my own paperwork to find) that school started on Tuesday and not Wednesday...(:P)...

Perhaps it was because we had decided that Andrew ought to make a transition this year from an English program to a French immersion program, which involves a new set of classmates and more language demands--unknowns that had him a bit uptight and his parents really hoping for the best...

Perhaps it was because, with all our hard family work, summer seemed a bit short this year, and I felt a little sorry to be sending them out again so soon...

But out they went.

And returned with smiles and stories of their schoolday. Andrew's first words lifted my heart: "My class is awesome!" (Mind you, there was no homework handed out today!)

(Taking "first day of school" pictures of second and third grade boys should require a special license, I think. And some kind of reward. Perhaps copious amounts of chocolate!)

(Oh, and for those of you who are wondering, Abby WILL go to kindergarten [again] this year. Remember this? She had "meet the teacher" this afternoon and will have her official "first day of school" on Thursday...so stay tuned!)

Friday, August 26, 2011

Blog Break

At first, it wasn't intentional. (I just had a sore throat and didn't feel like it!)
But, then, there were a lot of other things that demanded a lot of time and energy this summer.
Hard, important things.
So the blog break became intentional.

Seasons are changing.
You can expect more regular posts in the weeks to come.
Thanks for checking back in :)