Saturday, September 12, 2009

Shirt Confusion

When I was getting Jadon dressed this morning, he kept insisting something about the bright yellow Hot Wheels shirt I was trying to wrangle him into: "Abu(ya), Abu(ya), Abu(ya)!"

Well, I know that this shirt is way too small for Abu. I know we didn't take this shirt to Ethiopia. I know I have never seen Abu in any Hot Wheels shirts. So I insisted back: "No, this is Jadon's shirt." We went back and forth like this for a while. (It can take some time to get a spirited two-year-old into his clothes.)

Once fully dressed, Jadon ran off. He returned quickly, however, carrying Mike's Ethiopian soccer shirt. Ahhhh, now I understood. Flashback to Wednesday of Ethiopia week and you'll understand, too...

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Laura Fenske said...

OH, it will be so wonderful when they are together again. It amazes me how much such a little body can remember.