Saturday, September 26, 2009

So Close

I just had a wonderful phone conversation!!! I was able to speak with both Mike and Abu, since they have cleared US customs and are gearing up for the final legs of their journey home: a short flight to NYC, a stop at my parents to visit Gramma and Pappy and also pick up Abby, and the drive up and over the border. Both of my guys sound great and eager to be together with the rest of the family.

One blessing from the flight home was the opportunity to visit with another Ethiopian seated near Mike and Abu. Through this gentleman, Mike was able to have extended translated conversations with Abu about his life, background, and future. What a special gift!

Just a few more hours until we are all under the same roof!


anxiously hopeful said...

What an amazing gift that translated conversation was!!

Jay said...

So happy for you, Kristi! What a long journey it has been - and all worth it! love, Karen Wistrom

Kay said...

I'm so excited for you guys. What a blessing to have the translated conversation. That must have been a huge bonding experience for the two of them. Can't wait to hear more in the coming days!! Love ya, Kay

Laura Fenske said...

Hey, this is Adam. Early congrats on your son's arrival.

Hollands said...

Hooray!!!! I am so thrilled that he's almost home. Your whole family home together--can you imagine!?
Praising God with you!

Mike and Amy said...

Ahhh - you spell "Gramma" the same way we do! I've never met anyone before who spells like us (and like it sounds, I might add!)

In His Love,