Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Daddy's on his way!

As I'm typing, Mike's plane should be taking off for Ethiopia. In approximately fifteen and a half hours, he should land in Addis Ababa's Bole Airport (where it will be late evening). Get some sleep, babe! Big days ahead!

In the meantime, the boys and I have been having some fun. Please forgive the quality of these pictures. I only have my cell phone as Mike took our camera with him.
We had a fair amount of rain this morning, making things pretty wet all
day. When I picked Ethan up from school this afternoon, we were finding
snails all along the edge of the grass. We now have a snail hanging out in
a margarine container in our kitchen.
This evening I had scheduled the pick-up of a item I found in a local ad.
I had wanted to arrange an earlier pick-up time to facilitate an earlier
bedtime, but the woman couldn't meet me before 7 o'clock. That gave us
plenty of time after supper to drive to her area of the city and search for
a "new" park. We found one complete with very wet slides, wet sand, and
wet climbing apparatus. The messier, the merrier!

The park also featured a walking trail through the woods which just begged to be
explored. Of course, we obliged.


Karen said...

beautiful pictures of your beautiful family. And finally it will be complete soon. Congrats Kristi!! with love, Karen Wistrom

Kay said...

Hello Tappers, I am so excited for you all. I have caught up on your blog and what an amazing story you will be able to tell the children. I always knew you two would be awesome parents now look at you. heart goes out to you guys and I'm praying everything goes smoothly this weekend.
Much love in Christ from Kay and the kids
P.S. Can't wait to hear about your adventures when Abu comes home. I bet Mike and Abu will just want to sleep for the first few days...giggle

Anonymous said...

Just arrived safe and sound in Ethiopia. Great flight and no worse for wear. A short sleep ahead, followed by the ultimate dream of meeting up with Abu tomorrow afternoon. Thanks, everyone, for your prayers for the Team Tapper family!
Love, slightly jet-lagged Mike