Wednesday, February 27, 2013

How to Pass a Winter's Day

Nothing passes the time like 3 hours of shoveling!
 Okay, maybe there was a little frolicking in that time, too!
 Our driveway after the plow went by tonight--the snow was taller than the kids and close to 10 feet deep!
Somewhere out there is a skating rink...
(What kind of crazy people would actually choose to shovel their yard????!!!??)

Happy Birthday to Jadon!


On Sunday, we marked Jadon's official 6th birthday.  (Celebration with some friends yet to come!)  What a tremendous year of growth for our littlest man!  Here are a few highlights:

Jadon LOVES going to school!  He is like a sponge for learning, and his (absolute God-send of a fabulous) teacher has communicated to our family that Jadon has mastered so many of the skills and has such leadership skills that she just hopes that she gets to hear about the great things that he will do in the future.

Jadon has taken to organized sports.  He enjoys a lunchtime basketball program at his school and a hockey skills development program at the local rink on weekends.  For Jadon, these athletic endeavors are all about fun (admittedly, this can be hard for competitive parents to endure!), and he is as likely to be found sliding belly-down on the ice as scoring goals.  But he always has a smile!

Jadon participated in a children's choir this Christmas, and his love of the stage is also obvious.  He has this very cute little headshake that he does when he really wants to put some meaning into what he's singing...

The hair!  Jadon loves his big hair, and I believe it is in wonderful condition--so soft and wonderful.  He loves to have it kept in cornrows or twists and has become very good about wearing his caps (for sleeping or in his helmets) and applying products to keep it healthy.  He also doesn't complain about me pulling during styling, although, he is sometimes a bit wiggly!  (I actually do most of it after he falls asleep!)

Jadon remains an eager helper and a great encourager of others.  His creativity, intelligence, enthusiasm, and energy are amazing!  He gives strong and wonderful hugs and has a very contagious laugh.  He never runs out of stories to tell or ideas to share or songs to sing.  He is certainly one in a million!

Happy birthday, Jadon!  We love you magnanimously!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Morning Checklists

These blessed papers are restoring sanity to our school morning routines.  Less nagging feels so good!

Wednesday, February 6, 2013