Thursday, April 22, 2010

Taking Cues from a Tiny Few

Guess what came in the mail yesterday?

25 (okay, well, actually 21 actually survived the trip north) live harvester ants! The kids have been quite fascinated with watching these tiny creatures as they tunnel through a "space-age habitat" complete with nutrient-packed gel, LED lighting, and (happily) a very tight seal. In one day, the ants have been working non-stop on one looping tunnel. Apparently, we can expect a complex network of 3-D tunnels in the weeks to come.
Admittedly, I've already referred to these hard-working ants as a motivational example several times today. I also plan to make regular use of the words sluggard, industrious, cooperation, responsibility, initiative, organization, diligence, and perseverence as we continue to check out the ants' amazing work over the next few months.
It's a pretty cool tool for exploring these themes and just marveling at the intricate and fascinating nature of God's creation.

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