Thursday, April 8, 2010

All Signed Up

To this point, our family has been rather mellow about getting our kids into various extra-curricular activities. Well, today, we made the big jump. The three biggest each registered for one preferred activity. So here we go!




Of course, after all the excitement of the signing up process, Andrew, Ethan, and Abby wanted to know what Jadon was going to do. I suggested that Jadon had a very important part to play as well. Four sets of eyes stared at me attentively.

"Jadon is the biggest cheerleader of all!" I said.

And immediately, Jadon began to jump, clap, and shout "Yeah!" I think he'll do just fine!


Helen said...

Ethan's gonna be a jockey? ;)

Gramma said...

Way to go, Kids! And the fun begins, Mom & Dad.
I hope you all enjoy each activity.