Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Impressing the Boys

Admittedly, winter sports involving ice and snow are not my strong suit. However, now that the snow has melted and the sun is warming the earth, I am able to showcase my athletic ability to a much greater degree. This is particularly helpful with Andrew, who to this point has basically assumed that Mom is useless for the important things in life: hockey, hockey, and hockey (with some form of extreme skiing or snowboarding thrown in, perhaps).

Besides scoring some goals -- on a surface that doesn't slip and slide :), I have also exhibited the proper technique for throwing a football, served as pitcher and batting coach, and demonstrated a perfect cartwheel. Last night, after supper, the whole family enjoyed some backyard playtime. Ethan and Andrew were quite keen on practicing their baseball skills. After the kids had turns fielding and batting, Mike suggested that I take my turn at the "plate." After thoroughly impressing the boys by smacking a ball onto the rooftop (That is impressive, considering it is a sponge ball and a sponge bat!), it was also fun to hear my hubby repeatedly say, "I forgot about Mommy's sweet swing!"

Bring it on, boys!

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