Tuesday, April 27, 2010


(While trying to put on his sandals...) "Mommy, I need help. I not have three hands!"

Mike: (pumping himself up to get some schoolwork done, singing with gusto...) "I believe I can fly..."
Jadon: (laughing) "No, Daddy, you can't fly!"
Mike: (continuing with the song) "I believe I can touch the sky..."
Jadon: "No! Daddy, you can't touch the sky. It's too high!" (This is followed by extended giggling at the foolishness of his father and numerous recountings of his father's ridiculous claims to other family members.)

Current favorite expressions/terms:
"Wanna play cars?"
"I think so."
"I think not."
"Skitta-dinky-dink" (in reference to his favorite pre-naptime song)
"Sidney Cwosby"
"Un! Deux! Trois! . . ."
"You like ... ?"
"Inukshuk!" (I consider this one a pretty good sign that our Ethiopian boys are fairly acclimated to Canadian culture!)

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Andrea said...

This is hilarious to me!

Martin says 'actually..' all. the. time. He also says "I think so, yes." Or "I think so, not." I blame Yoda for that one.