Saturday, October 30, 2010

Pumpkin-Carving and Snow-Frolicking

Tonight was pumpkin-carving time at the Tapper house. So that means it is time for the second annual "Guess-which-jack-o-lantern-is-whose" contest! Let's see this year, we have a silly face, a lovely lady, a startled kitten, and a creepy spider--but who picked what???

When we had finished our masterpieces, we peeked outside to find a blanket of white! Everyone hurried to don snow gear and have their first play in the snow this season. It was a lovely evening!


Gramma said...

OK, my guesses:
Silly Face - Ethan
Lovely Lady - Abby
Startled Kitten - Jadon
Spider - Andrew
But they all look great, whoever they belong to. . . . .great job, everyone!
Looks like that snow is fun!

Helen said...

Hi guys! It is snowing here today!
-from Nora

Helen said...
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KLT said...


You got it!

Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

What gorgeous Jack-o-Lanterns!
My guesses...
Lovely Lady...Abby
Silly Face..Jadon
It looks like you had lots of fun.
We forgot it was Hallowe'en!