Wednesday, October 6, 2010

The Next Hair Experiment

One of Andrew's best friends from back in Ethiopia, adopted by an awesome couple in Kentucky, keeps in occasional contact through Skype. These two boys are alike in so many ways!!! Recently, Andrew saw some pics of his friend's new hairstyle and was instantly enthralled. After a consultation with Enna from Ottawa's "Slick and Sassy" hair salon, it was decided that Andrew was a great candidate for the same 'do. Today, the transformation was undertaken.

Here is Andrew's look BEFORE:

A few pics DURING:

And the AFTER results:

The eventual goal is dreadlocks that will keep their shape. For now, his hair requires some tiny rubber bands to keep the ends together and some occasional re-twisting for loose sections or new growth. We will continue to wash and condition with these twists in. Andrew really loves his new 'do. He says it feels like it isn't even there (which is quite a contrast to his response to cornrows, which included a lot of complaints about headaches and tightness). We love it, too! I think it brings out his handsome, brown eyes, don't you?


Karen said...

ahhhhhhhh I LOVE it!!! we've got to get the boys to see their new hair!! kashiku's hair has been a life saver for all of us!!! andrew's hair looks awesome!!!!!

Andrea said...

Kristy - you're a good mom. Martin is begging for long hair, and we keep shaving it off.

Maybe when he's older??