Saturday, October 16, 2010

Dear GPS...

I am sorry, GPS. Today, when you told me to take those lovely back roads through the Ontario countryside, I didn't believe you. I turned around and headed back to the highway, knowing I could get to Auntie Heather's house that way--even if you said it would take me 20 minutes longer. Auntie Heather assures me that those roads you chose would indeed have led me to her house and also provided me some pastoral autumn views. I'm sorry.

I guess I am just having trust issues. After last week's "adventure" on the "road" through the forest... might remember that we looked something like this...except it was dark...and it had rained steady for several days...and there were four kids on board...some trying very hard to be brave and some unable to contain their hysteria...and, of course, we were driving our Grand Caravan--not exactly an off-road vehicle.

So be patient with me, please. And remember I prefer asphalt.

Your somewhat skittish friend,

P.S. To accompany my apology, I wanted to give you this picture of our lovely time with cousins at our final destination! Thanks for recalculating for me!

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