Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Goals are good, right?

So, here are three that I've come up with for the kids in this house:

1) Refrain from interrupting others (--especially the interruptions that involve increased vocal volume in order to facilitate your more urgent communication).

2) Eat a meal together at which everyone practices appropriate table manners without 3852 reminders from parents.

3) Make it through a day (or, at least, a few hours) without utilizing the pull-laboriously-on-some-part-of-Mom's-body-in-order-to-get-her-attention technique.

This family is open to any helpful tips, creative ideas, or sympathetic gestures relating to the above-mentioned goals. Reaching these goals would be REALLY good.

1 comment:

Scott said...

Congradulations on reducing the reminders to only 3852 a meal. That's pretty impressive. We're still just attempting to get our girls to stay in their seat for the duration. Thankfully Reed is still young enough that its socially appropriate to tie him to his seat.

Keep up the great work. You guys rock!