Monday, August 17, 2009

Great Vacation Idea

Mid-August is always a special time in this family. Ethan's birthday and our anniversary fall right in the middle of the month. Marking these special days is always a priority. This year, we were considering a camping trip, but the plans weren't really coming together very well. Campsites seemed to be booked (or more expensive than we wanted to pay) for the times we wanted. Mike's work schedule is still a bit erratic. Plus, we were not sure how Jadon would handle the whole camping thing.

The brainstorm came Thursday. Why not do a backyard camping adventure at Nanny and Gramps' house (while they are on vacation themselves)??? The (greatly-simplified) details came together quickly.

The tent has been a big hit! (I think it reminds Jadon of Ethiopia???) The kids have one tent, and the parents have another. Other than one interruption from a very loud emergency vehicle, the children's sleeping has been wonderfully complete (and, in my opinion, especially cute!)

Of course, Nanny and Gramps' Campground Resort also comes with its own private swimming pool and plenty of pool accessories. Everyone loves the water, especially on these HOT summer days!
Another special treat is that Auntie Jenn was able to join us for a couple days. This was extraordinarily exciting for Ethan, because she had promised to take him riding for his birthday.
I love the picture below because it seems to capture Ethan's quiet love for the outdoors, farms, and, of course, horses.

Everyone got a turn.........

Ahhhh, yes. Memories are made on days like these.

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Andrea said...

I'm glad things are going well with you, too!

I've been checking your blog regularly, especially about Abu. Martin is always asking about him.

I hope Canada is treating you well.