Friday, August 28, 2009

Easy Recipe for Backyard Fun


backyard space
1 slide
1 expandable tunnel
3 large plastic totes
approximately 6 ft. of thick plank
1 garbage can lid
1 extension ladder
1 garbage can
1 ball
approximately 10 ice cream bucket lids

Arrange items randomly around backyard and provide simple navigating instructions to preschoolers. Ingredient substitution encouraged. Careful timing of course navigation by individual participants may be required. Preschooler engagement with this activity may exceed one hour! Enjoy!


Rose said...

Good job, Kris! Keeps them busy and having fun without realizing how good it is for their hand-eye-feet coordination. Way to go!
Love ya bunches!
Mom (Gramma)

the Osterink family said...

Love it.

Laura Fenske said...

You seriously amaze me. I love the backyard course. My kids would have better lives and I would be a better mom if we still lived near you.