Thursday, August 6, 2009

Good times

The adjustment to life in our new home and with our newest addition continues. Although there are many challenges (who knew how hard it could be to transfer various information/identity documentation from one organization to another??!!), in general, things have gone extremely well. We are really enjoying each other!

Here's our spunky, fun girl playing "superheroes" first thing this morning:

Meanwhile, the boys were busy with the tractor:

Before lunch, we walked/biked downtown. Before getting our library cards and signing out some great kids books, we enjoyed some family time in the park:

We did get an update from our agency regarding Abu. The results of the first step of his medical testing were just released (after much pestering of the lab technicians by our agency's staff). While these results cannot be taken to guarantee the final results, they can be an initial indicator. Thankfully, these results were negative! Hopefully, in a few more weeks, the final results will come back negative as well.
We were also told that Abu is still doing very well at the transition home. Abu's nannies have commented that he seems more active and playful since our week with him and that he asks often about when we will be able to bring him home. We have a couple families who will be visiting the transition home in weeks to come who have already agreed to visit with him and to share our intentions of reuniting as soon as possible. Perhaps in another few weeks we'll be able to show a family picture with all six of us!!!!


Karen said...

What a beautiful family picture! Can't wait until Abu is home with you too! with love, Karen Wistrom

Helen said...

What great pictures! I love the family picture. So great, yet missing someone!

Can I say I LOVE seeing Jadon in Ethan's old clothes? It really is sweet and reminds me of how much Ethan (though lovely and smaller stature than others his age) has grown since you first brought him home. Time flies!

Laura Fenske said...

You all look so great and so happy! (Nice hair cuts for all, by the way)

I'm glad there is encouraging news about Abu, I can't wait for the family picture with all of you in it.

Anonymous said...

Love the family pic!

You guys look fantastic.