Friday, April 24, 2009

What a difference a year makes!

Last year, both Ethan and Abby prefered to ride a little tricycle rather than their big kid bikes because they found it difficult to keep the pedals turning. When we pulled the bikes out this year, however, they both hopped on and just started riding down the sidewalk like pros! Amazing!
As for me, I can run a much faster mile today than I could one year ago. I've been aiming for a 7-minute mile, and I'm pretty close. Also, I realized today that I can match my Dad's trick of supporting lifting his sitting body off the floor with his fingertips. My strength training is paying off!
Why share these incredible feats? Well, the closing on our house is scheduled for one week from today. What that means is that it is crazy packing time at the Tappers. I have been filling boxes for several hours today. I am currently choosing to procrastinate from my packing responsibilities in order to communicate with all of you in blog-land.
Anybody out there want to feed my distraction and share what new thing you can do this year?


Tonya said...

Sure Mike I'll feed your distraction :) First of all pretty impressive the running thing and lifting your body like that...very cool! I won't say I can "do" something new this year, but I "feel" like a new person this year! Last year I weighed almost 70 extra lbs than I do now!!! I've done a makeover in how I take care of my body and my family. I'm feeling much healthier this year! I'm excited for your family and I keep you all in prayer!

KLT said...

Hey, Tonya,

That's Kristy's distraction you're feeding!!!

...and congrats on your own body/lifestyle changes!

Thanks for your prayers.

Tonya said...

Ohhh! Sorry K! Well than I'm even more impressed :)! Good for you!

If you need any help with moving boxes or whatever let us know.

Have a blessed Sunday!