Monday, April 13, 2009

Court date!

Time seems to be moving faster lately in the lives of the Tappers!

We have packed a lot of things into the last few days. A two-day yard sale (that brought in some nice profits and helped to unload a lot of stuff that we had no desire to move), a visit from Mike's parents, a short visit from old friends, and--of course--a special time of Easter worship and celebration.

Today, we were excited to get a court date for our Ethiopian adoption. On May 21st, we should get word about whether A___ and D____ have officially been declared our boys. If so, we would probably leave for Ethiopia sometime that first week of June. If not, we will have to wait for another court date.

Additionally, we are eager to hear from the family that was delivering our care packages. That sweet family should have met their son and spent some time with our boys in Ethiopia during the wee hours of the morning here in Maine. I am so curious about that interaction! I'll be sure to share when I get any news!


Tonya said...

Very exciting!! We'll be praying that you pass court and can bring those boys home soon!

Smith Family said...

Hooray! We're praying for your two new boys.

The Bishops said...

"our boys"....are there any sweeter words?