Monday, April 6, 2009

That was fast!

The Tapper family is pleased to announce that another big piece of our transition puzzle came into place within the last few days. After just 10 days on the market, someone put an offer on our house. We accepted (after a few minor negotiations), and the house is now "under contract!" It's been a bit of an emotional ride, but we are so thankful for such affirmations of God's work in our lives and also for wonderful friends and family who help us negotiate all these details!


the Steiger's said...

I am so happy for you.
That was fast.

Tonya said...

That's wonderful! I love when things work out like smoothly and quickly. For me it just reassures me that we're in God will in making certain decisions. I'm very happy and excited for your family! God has lots of new and exciting things in store for your family!
Have a blessed day!

Laura Fenske said...

Wow! That is fast! I'm glad things are coming together for you! It's hard to imagine a different family in that house though.