Sunday, May 3, 2009

Moving, Updates, and the Real Story on the Dinosaurs

Let me give you some highlights from our last (crazy) week:
  • packed most all of our belongings into a moving truck Wednesday
  • moved ourselves and a few essentials to our beautiful "transitional" home in Winterport
  • Mike drove the moving truck to Quebec on Thursday
  • closed the deal on our old house on Friday morning
  • had a farewell party for me at the YMCA where I have worked
  • recieved an update from our adoption agency on A__ and D_____.

Both boys have gained about 5 pounds in the last month. Their hair has been growing, too. A__ is described as "so kind, obedient, and easy-going." They say he loves running and playing soccer, and he is excited to meet his family. D___ is making a great adjustment in the transition home. When he arrived, he was considered "quiet and reserved," but now he is described as playful and happy.

Ethan and Abby have obviously had a lot to process in the last few days. It was hard for them to have Daddy away for a few days, but they were troopers. Yesterday, as they were coloring and I was doing schoolwork, I overheard this conversation:

E: Do you know why the dinosaurs died?

A: Why?

E: Because they lived a L--O--N--G time ago . . . before Mom and Dad got married.

A: OOoohh!


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Laura Fenske said...

Wow, you did it. Or at least step one. I hope you are feeling as settled as possible in the new albiet temporary digs.