Thursday, October 30, 2014

Sixth Annual Tapper Pumpkin Carving Guessing Contest is ON!

Team Tapper has done it again! Continuing the tradition of carving pumpkins at October's end, we offer you four finished products for your guessing pleasure :)

The process was a bit messy at times! But everyone was tickled with the final products.

If you have never participated before, here is how it works:
The four carvings are 1) Classic Jack, 2) Penguin, 3) Lighting Bolts, and 4) Spider's Web. Each of these was designed and/or carved by one of the four Tapper kids. Simply write a comment with your guesses of which design went with which Tapper child!

I will give the results by November 1, and, this year, we will be offering a prize to the winner of a draw from all the correct answers!!!

Happy Guessing!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Liz said...

Ooo can I guess? Okay here goes
1. Ethan
2. Jadon
3. Andrew
4. Abby

From liz

Amy said...

I guess:
1. Ethan
2. Andrew
3. Jadon
4. Abby
They are fantastic!!

Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

Here's my guess:
Love and Hugs............Nanny

Gramma said...

I'm not sure if seeing the costumes before I voted was a good idea or not! Here are my guesses:
Classic Jack - Abby
Penguin - Jadon
Lightening - Andrew
Spider - Ethan

Helen said...

I'm going to have to go with Gramma on this.