Thursday, October 9, 2014

Birthday time!!!

 Yesterday, we celebrated our girl's ninth birthday! This amazing gal brings much joy and life into our family! Here are a few things we appreciate about our Abby-girl!

A - Artistic

Abby loves to use her imagination to create all kinds of beautiful and unique things--from stories to crafts to songs to gymnastic routines!

B - Bold

I love the fact that Abby is not afraid to make her own choices, to make a statement, to be her genuine self. While she can be shy at times, she can also be incredibly brave in her willingness to try something new or take a stand for something she believes in or desires.

I - Indulgent

When made aware of another's needs, Abby can be very generous and caring. She also randomly dotes on those she loves, making special cards, using her own money to buy little gifts, and being very open with affection.

G - Gung-ho

When Abby gets something in her mind, she gives it her all. Love that.


A - Athletic

Of course, she lives with three pretty active boys. She has to keep up. She loves to show her skills in the net and to put on a show with her cartwheels, back walk-overs and, certainly, the splits!


I - Impish

Abby can be a real tease. She has a very playful side. You have to watch her eyes. If they are twinkling, watch out!

L - Loyal

Abby is a great friend. She has been known to serve as a peace-maker between parties and to be very considerate of others' needs and feelings. She loves her old friends from Bangor and Aylmer and does a good job of maintaining those relationships. And she is developing new friendships here in Moncton, too.

Happy 9th birthday, precious daughter! You are a beautiful treasure, and we know God made you for a special purpose. We are delighted with how you are growing and are excited to see how you continue to develop and blossom into the person you were created to be!

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Helen said...

Happy happy happy birthday, my sweet darling girl!

I consider it a precious gift that I was there when you entered this world.
You have grown ever more lovely each day since!

So glad you are in this world, already doing work that God has prepared for you.

J t'aime beaucoup,