Monday, October 8, 2012

Happy Canadian Thanksgiving (and more!)

Every Canadian Thanksgiving, we Tappers have another celebration to add to the joy of enjoying the harvest and counting our many blessings.  Abigail Hope Tapper was born on a stormy morning, seven years ago today! 
Today, we know a girl who loves stretching down into the splits and working on her cartwheels.  She has been learning a lot of French and has started reading chapter books.  She enjoys swimming, shopping, singing, and playing piano.  And she is, by far, our most creative child--drawing pictures, writing stories and songs, and even designing party games for the entertainment of whoever might enter her room on a designated party day!
Abby is a very loyal friend and, although she may often present as rather quiet, she can be your loudest and most uplifting encourager when you need it.  She can also be amazingly stubborn, and we hope that she will learn to be most stubborn about the things that are truly most important!  We call her our beautiful treasure, and we believe that she is a gift from God, created for good works that we can only begin to imagine.
Happy Birthday, Sister Bear!

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