Friday, October 5, 2012

Andrew's First Big Race

Andrew came home from school several weeks ago, excited about an opportunity to participate in a running group during lunch recess.  All who were willing (which, of course, included Andrew, who would never pass by a good challenge!) trained with the gym teacher each day.  Every afternoon, I would get a report on the day's training.  First, I heard all about his aching muscles!  Then, I started hearing about how he had managed to get a few more laps in than the day before.  Finally, he brought home a paper from the school detailing a regional cross country meet for elementary students--a real race!  Imagine his excitement!

Today was the big day!  Andrew ran his mile with determination, finishing in the top 20 of his age bracket with a time of 7:22.5.  Not too bad for his first race!  (I think there might be more...)


Helen said...

Nice job, Andrew!!!
Great smile, too.

Gramma said...

GREAT job, Andrew! Gramma sure can't go a mile that fast unless I'm in a car! Keep up the good work!