Monday, October 29, 2012

Annual Jack-o-Lantern Guessing Game

This is the fourth Halloween for the six-member Team Tapper.  Once again, we have followed tradition and carved our pumpkins for the holiday.  And, once again, I am offering my faithful blog readers the opportunity to guess which design was chosen/created by which Tapper child!
Here are the completed designs-- rose, maple leaf, mustached man, and hockey skate:

Put your guesses in the comments and check back there as I will update on Halloween with the correct answers!


Irene said...

Rose- Abby
Leaf- Jaden
Mustached man- Ethan
Skate- Andrew

Andrea said...

Rose - Abby
Skate - Ethan
Mustached Man - Jaden
Leaf - Andrew

Gramma said...

Rose - Abby
Leaf - Andrew
Mustached Man - Ethan
Skate - Jadon

KLT said...

Granny gets it!

Abby was a bit of a "gimme" with the rose. Jadon picked the maple leaf. Ethan is the silly face. And Andrew chose the skate!

Thanks for guessing!!!