Thursday, October 13, 2011

Serious Issue--Funny Kid Perspective

In our house, family prayertime before bed always includes one country as a prayer focus. Tonight, the highlighted country was Russia. As Mike was reading from Operation World, he noted some information about Russia's declining population and extremely high abortion rate. I checked in with the kids to make sure they understood the issue: "Do you understand this? What is an abortion?"

One hand shot up. "Oh, I think I know," our boy offered. "It's a kind of soup."

(And this is where we parents received the grace of laughter, sharing the joy of childish innocence, before taking time to explain the non-soup reality in Russia...)

('s our own borscht from earlier this summer! We used this recipe, and it was--by far--the best way I've found to use up all the beets from our local farm's weekly vegetable delivery.)

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