Sunday, October 30, 2011

Annual Jack-o-lantern Guessing Contest

We completed another fall tradition today--the pumpkins are carved! So now it is time for our annual blog jack-o-lantern contest. Go ahead and try to guess...Who carved the moon and stars, the shark, the dog? And how about that smiley face? Does it belong to Andrew, Ethan, Abby, or Jadon???

I will post the correct answers in the comments section of this post after trick-or-treating tomorrow night!


anxiously hopeful said...

Moon and Stars- Abby, Shark - Andrew, Dog - Ethan, Face - Jadon

Gramma said...

This year is harder! I'll say Moon & Stars - Andrew; Shark - Ethan; Dog - Abby; Face - Jadon. But I think the previous person has good guesses!

Andrea said...

Ethan - Stars
Abby - Dog
Andrew - Face
Jadon - Shark

KLT said...


Sorry, but no one got it exactly right! Here are the correct answers:

Moon and Stars: Jadon
Shark: Ethan (good job, Gramma!)
Dog: Abby
Face: Andrew (Andrea got this one!)

Thanks for playing!