Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Tapper Happenings

I completed worship banners for the lenten season. The background material is a deep charcoal felted wool and contains a tiny bit of a sparkle. For me, its rough texture and dark colour symbolize the heaviness of this season as we contemplate Christ's passion. The sparkle is like a hint of the hope that we have, even in the dark times. The contrasting fabric is a lavender satin. Purple is symbolic of both suffering and royalty, appropriate as we consider the painful sacrifice of the King of Kings. The image on the one banner--a cup held up toward the cross, being filled with thorns--provides a reminder of Jesus's willingness to submit to taking on the sin of the world, with all its horrible pain, loneliness, and distress. The verses from Isaiah 53 describe him as one of us, who knows suffering and pain--even our pain. Indeed, he took the punishment that should have been ours. I hope that these banners will be a meaningful part of our church's worship this season.
Yesterday, Ethan completed his last gymnastics class for the winter session. He really enjoyed participating in this group. There was lots of opportunity for him to move, move, move! Bars, rings, trampoline, somersaults, headstands--he learned a lot!

We've had a few sunny days! Our ice rink is not so happy about this, but I love it! There is still lots of snow on the ground, but it is so nice to feel warmth on your face when you leave the house.


Andrea said...

Kristy - have I ever mentioned how talented you are? (I'm totally jealous.) I LOVE your banners.

anxiously hopeful said...

Wow, you are indeed talented. A true artist with your words and hands.

Gramma & Pappy said...

GREAT JOB with the gymnastics, Ethan! We are very proud of you. Keep up the good work! (You too, Kris! We are always proud of your creativeness and of your job as a terrific Mom.)