Thursday, March 24, 2011

Happy Birthday, Jadon!

Our youngest is another year older! We celebrated Jadon's fourth birthday today (with more celebrations to come on the weekend, too!) This little man is so full of life. He overflows with joy--singing almost constantly, laughing his incredibly hearty laugh, and loving interactions with other people. He loves to read, play blocks, help in the kitchen, make all kinds of music, and do pretty much anything that involves jumping.
In the words of his big sister: "He is SO cool."


Andrea said...

Happy Birthday, Jadon!
(I can't believe he's FOUR!)

Helen said...

Jump around, Jadon.
Jump around, Jadon.
Jump around, Jadon;
He's FOUR years old!!!!

Just like Evelyn!


Gramma said...

Happy Birthday, Buddy!
Lots of Love from Pappy & Gramma

Anonymous said...

Happy Birthday J! Wish we could have been there to celbrate with you.

Love you,
Uncle Dave and Aunt Alaina

Anonymous said...

celebrate that is...