Thursday, March 31, 2011

April Fool's Day: Sneak Peek

I am feeling mischievous.

Tomorrow, of course, is the first day of April. The significance of this day is, of course, especially great for elementary-aged boys. I, of course, happen to have two in my home.

I do not want to miss this opportunity.

And because it is so much more fun to share a good prank, I am letting you in on my scheme to trick the boys tomorrow.

The necessary resources:

  • two snack packs of cookies (carefully opened, cookies removed)

  • a package or carrots (divided into 2 appropriate serving sizes and placed within "cookie"

  • an "April Fools" note from ME (also placed in package)

  • double-stick tape (used to reseal "cookie" package)

  • two lunch boxes (into which "cookie" package is inserted with other food items and placed in its usual spot within the refrigerator for tomorrow morning's backpack loading convenience)

Hee, hee, hee, hee, hee...

Update: This prank was terrifically succesful from a surprise stand-point. Both boys admitted being startled by the sight of carrots in their snack pack. However, neither thought the removal of their cookies in favor of a vegetable was particularly funny...just very (insert overdone eye-roll) Mom-ish. (They love me!)


Lindsey said...

DANG! I read this post a day too late. I'll have to remember that for next year's lunch box surprise. Thanks for sharing!

Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

Kris, you are such a fun Mom!!
I meant to phone the boys this am to tell them school was cancelled and then say April Fool!!...but I slept in too late.

Helen said...

Linda, Our schools WERE cancelled Friday! What fun we had.


kim said...

What a fabulous Idea. Too bad I am just now reading it or my kiddos might have just got the same thing. What a fun Mom you are!!!!

Andrea said...

I can't WAIT to hear the updated post!