Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Favorite Things from Recent Days

1) Power Blasters from a dollar store (These were a gift from a friend, and they have been used almost every day.)

2) A mini-catapault made from popscicle sticks. (If you'd like to try making one yourself, you can use this pattern that we used. We've turned it into a little target game.)

3) Parks (The city put in a new play structure just around the corner from our house! Also, the kids have enjoyed some playground time with playgroup friends.)

4) Our own backyard (It's good for swinging, playing ball, pitching a tent, or trying to build all sorts of projects with the leftover wood from Daddy's porch project.)

5) Soccer (Andrew's first practice was yesterday. He has been assigned to the purple team. Let's just say he's pretty excited. In fact, he may just bleed purple now.)


the Steiger's said...

Looks like you guys are enjoying summer already:)Any chance you will make it down here this summer?


Laura Fenske said...

Yah, soccer...Andrew and I would be friends!

Anonymous said...

Seriously, can I come live at your house???!!!??

Karen B.