Sunday, June 20, 2010

Church Campout

Silver Lake Wesleyan Camp gave us a great day yesterday! Our family's motto for the day was "Play hard!" I think we did.

Andrew swam all the way out to the trampoline (that's him climbing the ladder in the orange life jacket)! He had a blast out there with the big kids.

Abby loved exploring the campground...finding flowers, bugs, rocks, etc., etc.

Here, she found a TICKLE BUG!!!

The kids had their first canoe rides.

It was a great family time...a great time for meeting and getting to know others...and a relaxing time to enjoy such a beautiful setting.


GRAMMA said...

I'm so glad that you were able to go and that you had such a beautiful day. There were lots of memories made, I'm sure! Thanks for sharing your good times.
I love you!!!

Anonymous said...

Wave to my aunties and uncles next time you are there :) Probably sitting on their porches watching a beautiful family canoe by!
Good job to Andrew on swimming to the floatie. I barely made it there at last visit, I'll have to go into training to keep up.

Leanne C.