Tuesday, May 4, 2010

Work and Play

Abby loves to scrub the bathroom! ...and she does a good job, too!

Helping Dad remove the old carpet from Abby's room over the weekend was an adventure. Ethan, especially, loves to dig in to this kind of work. And don't let his smaller stature fool you -- this kid is STRONG!

Leaving the grocery store yesterday, Abby and Jadon were each given a balloon. Walking across the parking lot to the van, Jadon lost his. The internal struggle was written all over his little body: to run through the parking lot after my prize or to be safe, listen to Mom, and go to the van. Hooray for little boys who make hard choices! Though obviously distraught, he chose to make his way safely over to the van, where he promptly collapsed into a sobbing heap! An empathetic fellow shopper even chased down the balloon and presented it to Jadon. So, in the end, we had a happy Mommy and a happy boy! Above, you can see some of the balloon fun.

And then, about 15 minutes after arriving home, there was popped balloon misery.

Luckily, big sister was up for sharing, and the remaining balloon, after a little creative upgrading, continued to be enjoyed throughout the day.

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Smith Family said...

I like the faces on the balloons!