Wednesday, May 26, 2010

The Handicap of Haste


It's a word you hear a lot. For those involved with international adoption, this word has its own unique connotation. Still, the word is one we all have to face at one time or another. And, it seems to me, very few do it well.

During "the wait" for our referral, I came across an old hymn by Bradford Torrey, titled "Not So In Haste, My Heart." I've pulled it out again. You see, our family is still waiting for some post-adoption paperwork from the government. Admittedly, I'm finding it hard to wait. No, more than that...I find myself pulled down by this wait. I need a reminder of the how to wait well:

Not so in haste my heart!
Have faith in God, and wait;
Although He linger long,
He never comes too late.

He never cometh late;
He knoweth what is best;
Vex not thyself in vain;
Until He cometh, rest.

Until He cometh, rest,
Nor grudge the hours that roll;
The feet that wait for God
Are soonest at the goal.

Are soonest at the goal
That is not gained with speed;
Then hold thee still, my heart,
For I shall wait His lead.

So the next time that I realize I am "vexing" myself over this issue, I am going to purposefully pursue another goal, one that cannot be "gained with speed." Intentional slowness, quietness, rest, faith...this is my self-prescription for this waiting heart, for overcoming my handicap of haste.

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Heidi said...

"Handicap of Haste" -well said, I like it.

I am happy to have found your blog through your comment on my blog! You have a beautiful family.