Monday, March 22, 2010


At this stage of my life, I choose to give a lot of my time to my young family. Serving them and pursuing their best interests demands a lot from me and often leaves little time for other independent interests. I did, however, break out the sewing machine and let my creative side stretch a bit over the last few weeks. Making two Easter banners for my church was a very personally fulfilling (and worshipful) project for me.

Interested in some other projects I dream of completing some time?
  • running in an official race (not necessarily a full marathon...but I've never actually signed up for and run in any event of any distance)
  • directing a 100+ voice choir
  • writing an article for a scholarly journal
  • sharing a particular jazz band piece in 5/4 time in a worship service
  • becoming more proficient in French
  • traveling (especially to warm places...for business, pleasure, ministry, etc.)
  • ...
While I was working away, finishing up the banners today, Abby and Jadon concentrated on some work with charts. They really got into this activity. Perhaps the sparkly jewels helped!


Andrea said...

I LOVE your banners! You are very talented. I also have a sewing machine - which completely intimadates me.

If you don't mind, I'm going to borrow your chart idea. Brilliant!

Laura Fenske said...

I recommend the Eugene Half-Marathon. I know a runner who would run it with you. :)