Wednesday, March 31, 2010


Last weekend, we enjoyed the Quebecois tradition of visiting a sugar shack at the start of spring. We filled our plates with yummy breakfast food and copious outpourings of maple syrup. After eating, we explored outside a bit.

This week has gotten progressively better weather-wise. Today, the kids wanted to change into shorts after school, and, frankly, it seemed like a great idea! I am all for taking pleasure in sunshine!
I found this activity online. Simply fill a larger container (tote, dish basin, etc....we used the top of the sandbox) with some water. Float a small container in the water. Have children try to toss pennies into the floating container. We called it "Don't make a splash!," and everyone wanted a turn.

Of course, simple fun with food is always an option, too!

Bedtime--now there's a real adventure!!! Hopefully, all that fresh air makes for good nights of sleep!

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