Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Thoughts at the End of a Day

  • Having a blog is a great excuse to procrastinate and avoid actually doing one's schoolwork.
  • I wish schoolmates of sensitive, new glasses-wearers would keep their unkind comments to themselves.
  • I am so glad to see progress in my son's ability to deal with negative emotions.
  • I loved that Andrew purposefully chose to take over one of Ethan's responsibilities without being asked when he saw that Ethan was having a hard time.
  • I must continue to seek God's wisdom to respond well to all of parenting's demands.
  • I enjoy moving furniture.
  • I think the new layout of the boys' room looks great.
  • And the toy-purging was rather painless, too. I like eliminating clutter.
  • The best part of the day was playing outside.
  • Our snowman is cool.
  • I also loved Abby's comment at supper: "When are we going to get more kids for our family? We need a girl -- a seven or nine-year-old girl." (I am reminded of how she was wishing for a baby girl before our referral last year, and I wonder what prompted this comment about an older sister. Now I wouldn't advise basing family decisions solely on the random suppertime comments of four-year-olds, but I must note that she does defy all the "never-adopt-out-of-birth-order-because-you'll-totally-wreck-your-kids" logic!)
  • I also loved Ethan's response to Abby's suggestion: "Mom, we can get another girl when I... (pause while he does some counting on his fingers)...when I am eight years old, okay?" Pretty courageous from the sensitive kid who had a rough day, eh?
  • I have a lot of unspoken thoughts on the last year or two: the changes in me, in how I see my world, in how I know God. There's a lot to sort out. Frankly, I find it a lot easier to write posts about cute, daily, kid stuff. But there's more for me to say...be patient. It's coming.
  • In the meantime, I offer cute pictures.


cinda said...

shirley and I just finished snowshoeing, nice. i shared the january blogs, she is now on the internet, hasn't gotten on to the blog yet. we miss you all a lot. you are always in our thoughts. thanks for sharing a piece of your week. love ya, Cinda and Shirley

Karen said...

E-man, you look just like your daddy in your new glasses!!

Stephanie said...

Big hugs to Ethan during this transition. You can tell him the Heddons think he looks very handsome and intellectual! And I agree with your friend Karen, when I first saw his picture I thought he looked just like Mike!