Sunday, January 10, 2010

Still Going Strong

I've put off this post for a while because I wanted to make sure it actually stuck.

I admit, at first, it seemed to go almost too well.

Now, a whole month later, it's still going strong, and I'm still really loving the whole idea.

What is it? THE CHORE CHART!

Every day of the week, each child has one of four activities (dish-washing, vacuuming, book-reading, or picking up) to complete after supper time. Mom and Dad help whoever needs a little assistance, and the jobs are done fairly well. The children seem to feel a real sense of accomplishment in connection with these tasks, and I can't not say I don't appreciate having a team to help get those pesky jobs done. During the day, the kids will often ask in anticipation, "What's my chore for the day?" Yes, they each have their particular favorites, and there is occasional complaining...but they (and we parents) have really kept with it, hopefully cultivating--in a small way within all our children--a sense of joy in taking responsibility and working together.

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