Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Big Boys' Bush

The family's plan for today involved our six-month post-placement interview with a licensed social worker, two dentist appointments, one parent chaperoning a school field trip, and, of course, the regular stuff--like eating and doing laundry. Then there was the matter of forgetting to set the alarm clock last night. (Oops!)

Anyway, everyone got to where they needed to be, and all went well.

Before supper, Andrew and Ethan were playing outside. I heard them come in. Upon greeting them, I could sense their excitement. Indeed, they were not just coming in...they were in on a mission. Having found some sticks along the edge of the yard, they had arranged them in the snow to make a bush. Now, they were intent upon finding food to hang on their bush for the animals. First, they asked for oranges, but, alas, none were to be found. Then, they spied our enormous container of peanuts, but they were not sure how to attach peanuts to their bush. Finally, they came up with the popcorn string plan. What a great activity to round out a wild day!


Rose said...

What a great idea, boys! I'm sure the animals will be very grateful. Good Job!
I LOVE YOU! Gramma

Karen said...

Kudos to you Kristy for not saying "There is just not enough time to make a popcorn string today" Imagine them SEVERAL years from now telling their childern, as they are making their own string of popcorn for the animals, about that time.. Blessings.