Monday, July 13, 2009

It's Official...Our Hearts Are Taken!

How do you describe the last couple days?  What words can I share to convey our experiences, our emotions, our thoughts here? 

Today we met our boys.  This has certainly been the highlight of the trip.  Watching Abu and Desalegn walk down the steps of the transition home into our arms was a moment we will never forget.  Abu came to me for a hug, but it was clear that the true object of his desire was his "papa."  Joy radiated from his face as he hugged his father, slung a possessive arm over Mike's shoulders while friends snapped pictures, walked hand in hand over to a grassy area, played silly games together with his sandals straps, giggled with glee from atop Mike's shoulders , proudly proclaimed "Look, papa!" to his roommates (who were supposed to be settling down for a nap!).  It is obvious that this boy is in love with his dad.

I discovered that Desalegn is a giggler!  Contrary to all the serious pictures we have received, this kid's hearty laugh comes quickly.  A few tickles, a few funny tricks with a toy car, a few overzealous kisses to the neck region…and this gurgling laugh erupts from his cute little body.  He also displayed his "emotional" side.  Twice, when toys were taken away and given to another child, he did not hit, bite, or scream.  He simply hung his head, moped over to a corner, and pouted.  How hard was it not to laugh at that???  What a tease! 

Our hearts are heavy as we await news of whether both boys will be able to come home with us.  The thought of leaving Abu behind for further medical testing newly required by the CDC leaves us absolutely heart-broken.  Perhaps tomorrow we will have some more answers on that front.

Blessings to you all.


Helen said...

What a blessing. Thansk for sharing.


Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

PTL. You've met your sons at last! You all look so happy.
We are thrilled for you...and us.
Love Grampsie and Nanny XXXX0000

Karen said...

We are hanging on your every word, Kristi! So happy to see you finally united with your boys. Savor and cherish every moment! with love, Karen Wistrom

Jane & Dennis said...

Our prayers are with you all the way. Congradulations!

Hallie said...

We are so happy for you as you have been united with your 2 "new" sons. Our prayers are with you as you await the results on Abu's health concerns. Thanks for all the updates-keep them coming!

Love and God Bless,

Laura Fenske said...

Happy tears coming from me. I am so glad they are bonding with you already (how could they not, everyone bonds with the Tappers quickly)! We'll keep praying for health.

anne said...

We are celebrating with you all! What a wonderful, miraculous thing God is doing for you and these children. The photos are beautiful and the journal is so moving. We pray that Abu will be able to remain with you and not be delayed. We trust God to do what is best for this precious child of His - and now yours!

JOA said...

Pastor & Kristy, You are very much on our hearts and in our prayers. You will never be the same after this wonderful expierence. we are believing God for His best for you and these precious boys. God does all things well. Blessings jane