Tuesday, July 21, 2009


It really is a sweet place!

It was wonderful to be back on North American soil on Sunday. Despite the late arrival of our flight into Washington, DC, we had no problems with the customs/immigration process and still had a couple hours before our connecting flight to NYC. My mom and dad picked us up at the airport and drove us back to their house. Desalegn's first experience with the car seat was not especially delightful -- but don't worry...we have made progress with time!

Ethan and Abby arrived there from a playdate shortly after we got home, and their squeezes and excited voices were especially refreshing. We missed them so much! They shared about all their adventures and the things they learned on the farm with Pappy and Gramma. Ethan took the lead in reaching out to "little brother," gently taking his hand and walking him around the yard. Soon, all three kids were running and laughing and enjoying each other.

After a special family night together, we hit the road toward Quebec, finally making it home around 7pm last night. Today has been full of phone calls (informing proper authorities of a two-year-old addition to your family can take a lot of work), fun, new discoveries, re-orienting ourselves to this house and each other, laughter, and wonder. There is also a lingering sadness, the weighty reality that things are not as we had planned and hoped...that another brother still waits to be home.

Perhaps because we had been preparing to bring home siblings, this adjustment we are experiencing now has almost seemed too easy! Jadon Desalegn is mostly a very joyful boy. He has been learning things quickly (like asking to be excused from the table and then following Ethan and Abby to put his plate in the sink!) And -- after much terrible screaming before bed last night and his nap today -- he didn't make even a peep when all three kids were tucked in tonight! We have tried to be very consistent with our boundaries, not making exceptions for the "new kid," and this seems to be very positive for all the kids.

We ask that you continue to keep us in your prayers as we continue to work through the processes of bringing home Abu and establishing a "new normal" in the Tapper household.


Team Dragovich said...

Kristy, I'm so happy that you made it home safe and sound, but so sad that you are missing a boy!!! That was sorta a shock to me, since I haven't really been checking blogs too much lately... just trying to keep up with mine. I'll be praying for your family. Just know that my heart is with you! Sounds like you had a really neat trip while you were there!!! Hugs, Shari

Laura Fenske said...

Welcome home.

GagnonAdoptionJourney said...

Kristy,praying for you and your family.So sorry to hear you had to leave Abu. Grace,dawn g

Anonymous said...

Pastor & Kristy, So thankful you are home safe and sound. I feel the sadness for your family not quite complete yet but as we know God does all things well, Iam sure God has a wonderful ending to this story. Blessings Jane A. p.s. hug the children for me.

Patty V. said...

So glad you are home. Continuing to pray for you all! We miss you a lot.

Scott said...

Welcome back! thildren sound as if they fell in love with each other right away. Evelyn and Nora sure miss Ethan and Abby.
Love to all, Jane and Dennis

Hallie said...

What good news that you have arrived home safely and happily! We await news of Abu's home-coming. I'm sure it was very difficult to leave him behind for now. I'm sure God is working all things together for good...
Praying for your family,
God Bless!
Chuck and Hallie

Sarah said...

Oh Kristy,

I'm so happy for you guys and will continue to pray that the Lord will bring your other son home. What a journey! If you get a chance please e-mail me. I have some exciting updated news that I am not ready to post my personal blog and adoption blog (www.canneyland.wordpress.com). My e-mail is sarahcanney@yahoo.ca.

Beth said...

Mike and Kristy!
The Hamiltons were so blessed to travel with you! We have thought and spoke of you all often since our return. WE are praying for you and your sweet Abu to be reunited as soon as possible. Our transition has been fun and exhausting! These are two fun-loving, kind-hearted, but boundary-busting little guys! :) As sad as we were to leave our precious Kalu in Ethiopia...I do think God knew we would need the 8 weeks to concentrate on these first two getting settled! We would LOVE to keep in touch with you guys...so do keep us posted on everything. Wouldn't it be wonderful if we could travel together in September? Are you still considering an escort? WE are still thinking/praying through it all. We'll keep you posted on our progess as well. Again, you are in our prayers!

Beth (for Mike, Madison, Matt, Nate and Isaiah...and baby Kalu!)

PS. Kristy, I opened my Show Hope newsletter this week and was so excited to see your article pop up! Very special! (I was like...I KNOW HER! cool!) LOL!