Friday, July 10, 2009


This first day in Ethiopia has been very restful.  After a seven-hour (ear-plug-aided) sleep, I acknowledged the incessantly-crowing rooster and dog chorus outside our guest home.  After devotions, exercise, and a shower, I actually felt quite myself.  Mike and I enjoyed a lovely complimentary breakfast in the guest house lobby.  We were also able to meet some other AWAA families that had picked up their children this past week.  I think they are all flying home tonight.
It was wonderful to share some time with these families.  We talked about their experiences this week and the adjustments involved with the children.  The children appear active and relatively healthy.  Some seem to be adjusting quite smoothly.  It is obvious that others will have a more challenging transition time.  Having the time to observe and discuss different families' situations was enlightening and fun.  I will certainly continue to pray for those I have met here as they make their long journeys home and continue to orient themselves to new lives there.
I was reminded how the little things like teaching a preschooler to say "Please, mommy," or helping a child to know when they have eaten enough are indeed gif things during these beginning days together.  I wonder what little things will be MY big things in just a few days!?
It appears that arrangements have been made for us to travel and visit the area where are boys are from tomorrow morning.  At first, we were told it may not be possible due to road conditions as this is the beginning of rainy season.  It appears that we are cleared to travel now.  We are eager for that opportunity to study the culture and origins of our children, but also a little nervous about all that we may encounter.  Hope to share more tomorrow!


the Steiger's said...

I wish i could be there with you.
love, Lenka

Mom/Linda/Nanny said...

So glad to hear that you arrived safe and sound. I wish I was there too to give you both a big hug. Keep the Son in your eyes!
Love Linda