Sunday, June 21, 2009

Court Countdown - SUNDAY - Judge

Since Ethiopia is almost half a day ahead of North American time zones, our case should actually come before the judge while most of us are sleeping tonight. Today, our prayer is simply that the judge who hears our case tonight would be convinced in heart and mind to rule in favor of an official adoption decree.

May God be merciful and bless us. May his face smile with favor on us. May your ways be known throughout the earth, your saving power among people everywhere. May the nations praise you, O God. Yes, may all the nations praise you. Let the whole world sing for joy, because you govern the nations with justice and guide the people of the whole world. May the nations praise you, O god. Yes, may all the nations praise you. Then the earth will yield its harvests, and God, our God, will richly bless us. Yes, God will bless us, and people all over the world will fear him.

Psalm 67 (NLT)

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Helen said...

Looking forward to when you can post the new family collage here!

Love you guys, Missing you tons already!