Friday, June 5, 2009

Another Small Sampling of What's to Come

Our agency provided us with an update on the boys: a few precious pictures and a brief sketch of their life in the Transition Home. Here's a summary:

Our older boy is described as a "quick learner." He can now count to ten in English and copies letters and words. He also "shares his toys with his friends." The nannies also noted that during breaks in class, he will go "to D's room to see him." (This protective big brother nature is also evident in many of the pictures we have received from traveling families. In almost all of them, A's hands rest protectively on D's little shoulders!)

Our little guy is described as healthy. He is just beginning to speak, having a vocabulary of about ten words. He is also described as "kind of emotional" in that "he gets angry when other kids touch his toys." He likes to play with toy cars. (When Ethan and Abby heard about his toy-defending outbursts, they both agreed that they would help to teach him one of our family's mottos: In our family, WE SHARE! Let's hope their patience can endure a few hits/bites/screams/general 2-year-old hysteria!)

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Sarah said...

Oh I can't wait for you to have your boys home!! It must be so exciting to get updates on them. We'll continue to pray they can come home soon.