Tuesday, May 12, 2009

One Week from Tomorrow Night...

marks the time when a judge in Ethiopia will make the call for whether our family officially expands to include two precious boys or whether we continue to wait for a legal declaration. While past statistics have suggested that approximately one third of court cases are not successful on their first attempt, Ethiopian adoption cases have experienced a particularly difficult week so far. The government and court systems are tightening regulations to assure that the system remains free of corruption. In the last few days, our agency has had only one of seven cases pass court on the first try. With that said, I am requesting your prayers.

Here are some specific details about which you can be in prayer:
  • that the judge in our case would be able to be present in court at the assigned time
  • that our agency would have all the necessary documents in place and correctly completed
  • that MOW@, the government agency in charge of ET adoptions, would write a necessary recommendation letter in time for our representation in court

  • that the MOW@ letter would properly address the issues in our case
  • that any necessary witnesses in our case would be present and provide clear testimony

  • that the judge would look favorably on our case's presentation and documentation

Thank you so much for your spiritual support as we hope to make these boys orphans no more!

Ethan showing his love for the boys
The family enjoying some video sent to us from the Koby family -- What a treasure!
Abby showing the prayer chain we've been using to count down the days to court.
The next little while will certainly be pretty exciting around here!!! Stay tuned for more!!!


Laura Fenske said...

Oh, Kristy, we'll be praying that your case is so clearly in the best interest of those kiddos that they move you right on through and get those boys home.

the Steiger's said...

We are praying!!!
I can not wait to see their faces.
love, Lenka

The Gillman Family said...

Hey Kristy,

We are doing okay. Each day gets a little easier b/c we get our emotions more in line with God's realities and truths.

Jenna is doing fine. We honestly haven't shared a ton of the info with her since she is only 5. She knows a court date is coming up but doesn't really know when and while she has seen suitcases laying out she hasn't really been told when they were going to be filled (thank goodness)!

We are praying for your family!! Thanks for checking in on us :)

Tonya said...

11 hours left and counting! We are praying! I can't wait to hear!