Thursday, June 27, 2013

Miss Me?

Ouch!  One month without a post--sorry to anyone out there (Hi, Granny!) who still checks this blog faithfully.  I can only say that life continues to be very FULL for us.  I have found my job with Pollywog Preschool to be rewarding, but demanding.  And that, of course, is on top of keeping up with four busy children and a PhD-writing husband. 
As you can see, from above, the end of the school year has come (yes, I celebrated the last night of packing lunches by snapping the picture above...on a side note, those four lunch bags from Built actually survived an entire school year with Team Tapper--I highly recommend them!--and the kids wrote some very thoughtful notes of thanks to their teachers and principals).  We are now in full-summer mode, enjoying and anticipating lots of tennis lessons, extra time with grandparents, Zion Hill Kids Camp, museum trips, VBS, trips to the Aylmer Marina, bike rides, and our Super-Duper-Two-Week-Family-Camping-Adventure! 
It is an interesting time, too, of growth.  Sometimes, I feel like my parenting strategies bag might have a hole in it, as my children wrestle with different challenging issues.  Yet, I continue to find hope and strength in God's Word (I particularly love to remind myself that God's patience is immense [1Tim. 1:16], and I can tap into that reality through His Spirit at work in me!), in faithful, supportive, and wise friends and family, and in the wonder-full reminders of life and love and goodness that are present to me each and every day if I will only take the time to recognize them.  I look forward to how Team Tapper will be stronger in the months to come.
So perhaps I'll pop in again sometime to give you a little peek at our adventures...


Elizabeth Graham said...

Hi there! Just wondering where you purchased your lunch bags. We got some from LLBean which have lasted 2 school years and being washed once a week in the washer. They may have to be replaced though so looking for something of equal quality. Have a good summer!

KLT said...

I ordered the Built lunch bags from Amazon. But the company website is here: I've actually seen some of their stuff at our local Staples, too, if that helps.