Sunday, May 26, 2013

Happenings with Pics

I know I am overdue for a quick here are a few highlights from the last little while.
Last weekend, we completely surprised the kids with a trip to Maine.  We picked them up early from school with a fully packed van and headed out to have some play time with wonderful friends.  Lots of fun memories!

Abby has worked very hard on her "bug" project for school.  The oral presentation is entirely in French, and she does a fabulous job!

We supported our dear friends' coffeehouse fundraising event this Friday night.  It was a special treat for Jadon and me to perform our first public piano duet.  He is a natural performer :)

And Abby just loves to look pretty among the beautiful flowers of spring... (Don't mind the nice bruise on her forehead.  Her mother's tennis racket made contact during a friendly game on our local courts...oops!)

We also did some garden prep with our Growums garden kit.  The boys loved getting dirty and are really excited to try to grow some yummies!
Life seems very full right now, and we are thankful.

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the Steiger's said...

What? No stop in NH?