Friday, January 25, 2013

Double Digits

We celebrated Andrew's 10th birthday this week. In honor of our special man, here are my top ten things you may not know about Andrew:

10) He is not ticklish at all, but he enjoys a good wrestle or hip check.
9) He would eat lasagna for every meal, I think, if he had an endless supply.
8) He has rather large big toes, and his feet are extremely wide, making shoe and skate purchasing an arduous endeavor.
7) He has tremendous (or completely disgusting, depending on your perspective) loogie-hocking abilities.
6) His bravery should be bottled and sold at a high price.
5) He reads and writes in two languages (which are completely different from the language which he used exclusively for the first half of his life).
4) In his bed, he has a stuffed tiger named "Max" and three thick blankets, but he prefers to sleep without a pillow.
3) He despises jeans, turtlenecks, and button-up shirts. If it was socially acceptable to be seen in public in just Under Armour, then that is all he would wear...EVER.
2) For you personality-type enthusiasts, I think he is an ESFJ.
1) He still appreciates a good side hug or gushy note in the lunch box, even when his friends might see. (I asked, just to make sure!)

We love you, Andrew! You make us very proud right now, and we are excited about who you are growing up to be.

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Michy Ramblez said...

This is very sweet. Good on you :)